TASK 1 Writing an Email

Write an email regarding day-to-day matters.(150–200 words)_ 27 minutes

TASK 2 Responding to Survey Questions

Respond to an opinion survey regarding commonly encountered issues and justify your choice.150–200 words 26 minutes

The Writing Test includes several features which are helpful:-


You can choose from several basic editing functions (cut, paste, copy, delete, and undo/redo) by right-clicking with the mouse.


Each Writing task includes a word count range; you need to be within 10% of that range or you may be penalized. The word count is 150–200 words for both tasks.


1. Understand the Scenario: Start by thoroughly understanding the scenario and the context in which you have to make a choice. It’s essential to have a clear picture of the situation. 

2. Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Person Involved- Imagine yourself in the role or situation described in the prompt. This can help you connect with the choices more effectively. 

3. Review the Provided Information: Carefully read and review all the information provided in the prompt. Ensure that you have a complete grasp of the options and their implications.

 4. Brainstorm: Take some time to brainstorm. Consider the possible pros and cons of each choice. Think about how each option might affect you, the company, and any other stakeholders involved.

 5. No Right or Wrong Choice: Remember that there’s typically no inherently right or wrong choice in such scenarios. Your decision should be based on your perspective and justified through your writing. 

6.Clarity and Conviction-Your response should be crystal clear and convincing. Use well-structured sentences and logical arguments to make your case.

7. Tone and Formality -Maintain a professional tone in your writing. Avoid overly informal expressions like “hey, sister” and “how are you doing?” which might not be suitable in a workplace context.

8.  Paragraph Structure- Organize your ideas into well-structured paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain related ideas and arguments, while unrelated ideas should be in separate paragraphs. Use transitions and connectors to maintain coherence within and between paragraphs.

9. Rewording- While you may need to use some key words or phrases from the prompt, strive to express these ideas using alternative language when possible.

10. Precise Vocabulary-Choose your vocabulary carefully to convey your exact intended meaning. Weak or ambiguous word choices can hinder communication.

11.  Time Management- Keep a track of time while writing. You have 26 minutes in total, so allocate about 5 minutes at the end for editing and revising your6.  work.


Your Writing responses are rated by at least four trained and certified raters, and your final Writing score is a combination of their ratings. The raters rate your work on our twelve-level scale. 

The following four categories are rated:

1. Content/Coherence

2. Vocabulary

3. Readability

4. Task Fulfillment

Live online course to boost your score

A series of 5 practice tests which will assist in practice for Celpip General.

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