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The Reading Test evaluates your capacity to comprehend a broad range of written materials, including emails, charts, personal and professional correspondence, and concise informational texts. It also assesses your ability to recognize and interpret various perspectives presented in a brief passage. This test is divided into four sections, each containing a relatively short to moderately lengthy text. After reading each text, you will answer a series of multiple-choice questions. Some sections may also require you to read and respond to questions about a response to the original text. The questions are presented in a drop-down format, and you will use a computer mouse to select your answers for each question. Your final score is determined by the computer, as responses are categorized as either correct or incorrect.

There are 4 reading parts:

PART 1 :READING FROM CORRESPONDENCE    Total questions 11 and time given 11 minutes

In the first section of the Reading test, you’ll be presented with a personal letter. Your objective is to answer six questions related to the content of this letter. The letter’s content can cover various everyday topics, such as a description of a vacation, a dining experience, or a family celebration like a wedding. We will address the second part of this section, which involves reading a short response from the person who received the original letter, later on.

Understand the reading strategies

PART 2: READING TO APPLY A DIAGRAM Total questions 11 and time given 9 minutes

In this second section of CELPIP you will be given a diagram and  an email with multiple choice questions.We have to find the answers for the email from the diagram. Here  studying the diagram is absolutely essential and time management will help you score high. Ensure that you understand the diagram completely before starting the answers. The diagram has short text in the form of brochures, advertisements, menus, etc.

PART 3: READING FOR INFORMATION Total questions 9 and time given 10 minutes

You have to work with an article  comprised of four paragraphs followed by nine statements about the passage. You will have to choose the corresponding passage for each statement. This part tests your ability to identify  the main idea of the paragraph.

PART 4: READING FOR VIEWPOINTS Total questions 10 and time given 13 minutes

In this part you have answer multiple choice questions and complete a reader’s comment. This part requires extensive reading and matching keywords before deciding your answers. Time management is extremely important as we should not waste time on questions we do not understand. 

Celpip Practice tests for all 4 sections

Also Available E book series for other sections