The time given for the speaking component is 15-20 minutes and there are eight tasks in total. These tasks are as follows:
TASK 1:Giving Advice
In this task you need to act as you would in real life. The speaking time is 90 seconds and preparation time is 30 seconds. Always speak directly to the person mentioned in the question. Give your recommendation or suggestion, but keep it short. Give two or three reasons maximum. The reason for advice should be clearly stated. Tell him or her why you think it will work.
Remember to give good and relevant advice related to the topic. Remember that even if the subject matter is not a familiar one, you’re not being judged on the actual advice but rather how you frame it. Grammar and vocabulary are extremely important while speaking
 TASK 2: Talking about a Personal Experience
You will need your narrative skills to score well in this section. Remember incidents or create them as required. Speaking in the past is important in this question. You have 30 seconds of preparation time and 60 seconds of recording.

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TASK 3 :Describing a Scene
This is the 3rd task in speaking. We have to describe the scene using all small details in picture Imagine you’re talking to a person who cannot see the picture .. You will be given a photo or a picture and asked to talk about it. You have to provide an accurate description of what you see. It could be an image of a soccer field or a scene from a picnic.
Try to  cover all the things ,people and what they are doing; what the objects are, where they are placed. Every task aims to test your grammatical accuracy and vocabulary.
TASK 4: Making Predictions
In this task,  you will be given the same picture and asked to predict what may happen next. Since it’s a prediction you can guess whatever you feel will happen so use phrases to indicate probability. 

TASK 5: Comparing and Persuading

This task requires a person to first choose one option and then move to the second part of persuading someone to go for the option that you have chosen. Vocabulary of comparison will play a major role in adding the right words for task achievement.Your job is to convince your friend to choose the one you want, and you have to do that by making logical arguments and presenting your case.

 TASK 6: Dealing with a Difficult Situation
In this task you have to choose one person to talk to about a difficult situation. The background is given and we need to know what we want to say to convince the person to agree. As the name suggests the question background will be about a difficult situation.
 TASK 7: Expressing Opinions
 This section also gives you 30 seconds to prepare and 90 seconds to record your response. In this task you have to express your opinion clearly. The examiner won’t score you on the actual viewpoint, but rather how you express your ideas. There’s no correct or incorrect answer, so you don’t have to worry about whether the listener agrees with you or not. Don’t forget to explain the reason for your opinions.
TASK 8: Describing an Unusual Situation
This task is slightly different .You could be shown a strange and unique picture, an object or an event and asked to describe it to a friend or family member on the phone. We have to describe all the different details we can see and role-play as per the question. Describing words are very important and should be used in this task.




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