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The Reading Test assesses your ability to comprehend various written materials in everyday life, social situations, and the workplace. Can you effectively understand a wide range of written content, including emails, charts, personal and professional correspondence, as well as brief informative texts? Are you able to identify and interpret different viewpoints presented in a brief passage? Each section of the test allows you to showcase specific reading skills and contributes to an overall evaluation of your reading proficiency.

The Reading Test consists of four sections. In each section, you will read a relatively short to moderately lengthy text and then respond to a set of multiple-choice questions. You may also be required to read and answer questions related to a response to the original text. The questions are presented in a drop-down format, and you will use the computer mouse to select the choice that corresponds to your answer for each question. Your score will be determined by the computer, as answers are either correct or incorrect.

Vocabulary for CELPIP

Idioms for Speaking Advanced words to use

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